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Sick of the Sight of Wheelie Bins Around Your Property?

wheelie bin cover

Are you constantly battling with the sight of overflowing rubbish bins? Are you seeking a neat, clean, and stylish solution to manage your waste disposal? If so, read on to discover a perfect answer to your problems.

Why Use Aluminium Wheelie Bin Covers?

Rubbish bins are often an eyesore that detract from the elegance of your property. But what if you could tidy up your surroundings without compromising on style or convenience? This is where aluminium wheelie bin covers come into play.

The Benefits of Using Aluminium Covers

Not only do they hide unsightly bins, but these covers also provide a modern, sleek look to your property. Crafted from high-grade materials, they are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.

Introduction to Enclose Aluminium Bin Covers

Meet the Enclose aluminium bin cover range – the ultimate solution for concealing your 240L bins. A combination of functionality and aesthetics, these covers are designed to meet your specific needs.

Features of Enclose Aluminium Bin Covers

Design and Material: These covers feature all-welded, pre-manufactured louvre panels. They are crafted from top-grade NZ made aluminium extrusion and include all top-grade stainless steel and nylon hardware.

Capacity and Size: Ideally designed to enclose 2x 240L bins, these covers come in a premium louvre design and can be powder coated in any standard Dulux colour of your choice.

Easy to Use: The cleverly designed aluminium auto bin lifting lid with stainless steel pre-calibrated gas struts makes disposal of daily rubbish and recycling a breeze.

Mounting and Installation: Mounting options are via the included welded base feet, optional wall anchor brackets to help secure your Enclose unit in place.

Complementary Aesthetics of Enclose Bin Covers

Seamless Integration with Other Outdoor Elements

These beautiful louvered covers are designed to seamlessly blend into your existing outdoor setting. They match perfectly with existing aluminium gates, pergolas, louvre roofs, and more.

Wide Variety of Colours

You can choose from a wide range of Dulux colours, ensuring your bin cover complements the colour scheme of your outdoor setting.

Quality and Performance of Enclose Bin Covers

NZ Made – Proven Quality and Performance

Proudly New Zealand made, these bin covers are tested and proven in quality and performance.

Enclose aluminium bin covers are a stylish, durable, and practical solution for keeping your property neat and tidy. With their variety of colours, easy operation, and complementary aesthetics, these covers are an asset to any property. If you want to tidy up your property, it's worth considering the investment in these bin covers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Enclose aluminium bin covers fit any type of wheelie bin?
Yes, these bin covers are designed to enclose 2x 240L bins or smaller, fitting most standard wheelie bin sizes.

2. Is the aluminium material of the bin covers durable?
Absolutely. These bin covers are made with top-grade NZ aluminium extrusion, making them highly durable and long-lasting.

3. Can the colour of the bin covers be customised?
Yes, the bin covers can be powder coated in any standard Dulux colour of your choice.

4. How easy is it to use the bin covers?
The bin covers are very user-friendly. They feature a cleverly designed aluminium auto bin lifting lid with stainless steel pre-calibrated gas struts for easy disposal of daily rubbish and recycling.

5. How can I secure my Enclose bin cover in place?
The bin covers include welded base feet and optional wall anchor brackets to secure your unit in place.