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Introducing Our Latest Aluminium Gas Bottle Covers

aluminium gas bottle cover
New Zealand's premium manufacturer of custom aluminium outdoor covers, Enclose, is proud to announce the availability of our Aluminium Gas Bottle Covers. Uniting practicality with stylish design, these covers are meticulously engineered to seamlessly blend with your outdoor setting while offering functional solutions for gas bottle storage.

Crafted with expertise, our aluminium gas bottle covers are designed to enclose 2x 45kg gas bottles or smaller. Upholding the quality Enclose is renowned for, these covers feature our signature louvre design, rendered from top-grade NZ extruded aluminium. The enclosures are pre-manufactured with welded louvre panels and are completed with dual opening doors and a secure lock for added security.

At Enclose, we pay meticulous attention to the details. Our gas bottle covers are designed with an open top and back and are situated 100mm off the ground to allow escaping gases to dissipate safely, ensuring compliance with safety standards. To further enhance durability, all our covers include top-grade stainless steel and nylon hardware.

For optimal use and mounting, we recommend the installation of your Enclose aluminium gas bottle cover on a level concrete platform. But our commitment to our clients extends beyond the product's functionality. We understand the aesthetic value of a harmonious outdoor setting. The beautiful louvered design of our covers is crafted to seamlessly integrate with your existing outdoor fixtures, including aluminium gates, pergolas, louvre roofs, and other Enclose covers such as heat pump and bin covers.

Choose an Enclose aluminium gas bottle cover, and not only do you invest in a practical solution for gas bottle storage, but you also contribute to a well-curated and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Proudly made in New Zealand, our products are tested and proven for quality and performance. So, complete your outdoor setup with the latest addition to the Enclose family. Invest in functionality, invest in design, invest in Enclose.