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Assembly and Installation of Enclose Outdoor Covers

enclose cover installation guide

When you purchase an Enclose cover, you are investing in a high-quality, durable solution to protect your outdoor equipment. Enclose specializes in fabricating aluminium outdoor heat pump covers, bore covers, wheelie bin covers, pool pump covers, and gas bottle covers. This article will guide you through the process of assembling and installing your new Enclose cover.

Assembly Time

Heat Pump Cover

Small and Large: Approximately 15 minutes
Tools Required: Allen key, screwdriver, and potentially a masonry drill bit and drill for brick or concrete surfaces.

Wheelie Bin and Pool Pump Cover

Time Required: Approximately 2 hours (for someone with reasonable DIY skills)
Tools Required: Various (depending on your DIY skill level), plus potentially a masonry drill bit and drill for brick or concrete surfaces.
Included: All instructions and fasteners.

Mounting Your Enclose Cover

Enclose offers two mounting options for your outdoor cover:

Foot Mounted (Standard)

Included With: All Enclose covers (excluding bore covers).
Installation: Ensure a level surface. Attach directly to timber with the included stainless-steel fasteners, or to masonry using the 8mm diameter masonry plugs and stainless steel fasteners.
Tools Required: 8mm masonry drill bit (not included), other tools as required.
Instructions and Fasteners: Included.

Wall Mounted (Optional)

Use When: You can only attach the foot mount in two places, or you cannot penetrate the base surface.
How to Purchase: Select the optional wall bracket at checkout.
Included: Fasteners for both timber and masonry, plus installation instructions.

Installation Surface

Enclose products are designed to be installed on a flat, level surface. We recommend a concrete or wooden platform for optimal use and mounting stability.

Installation Service

Local (Bay of Plenty): Installation service available (terms and conditions apply).
Outside Bay of Plenty: Contact Enclose to be put in touch with a local installer. Costs will vary based on location and installation requirements.

Considerations for Installation

Plumbing/Electrical Work: If you are unsure about the installation near plumbing or electrical work, please send a photo to for assistance.
Assembly: Should be carried out by a qualified person or someone with good DIY knowledge, following the provided instructions. Enclose is not responsible for poor installation.
Heat Pump Covers: Must be installed a minimum of 100mm off the wall for correct installation and airflow.
General Warnings: Do not move any condenser units or pipes. Do not sit on or place anything on the lid of the Enclose covers.
Council Requirements: Ensure all Enclose units meet local council requirements, especially covers in pool areas and in multi-level living situations. Please ask us or speak to your local council if installing pool pump covers around your pool area, or enclose covers in multi-level living situations, to ensure they meet local authority requirements.

By following this guide, you will ensure that your Enclose aluminium outdoor cover is installed correctly, providing optimal protection and longevity for your heat pump, pool pump, bore and gas bottle.