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4 Key Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool Pump Cover

swimming pool pump cover

Having a swimming pool brings endless joy, relaxation, and a sense of luxury. To keep it at its best, essential equipment like pool pumps should be maintained optimally. A crucial component for this is a reliable pool pump cover. Enclose, an industry leader in premium aluminium outdoor covers, highlights the importance of such protective measures. Here are four key benefits of having a swimming pool pump cover:

1. Protecting The Pool Pump from The Elements

Pool pumps, although designed to move water, are not entirely waterproof. They are air-cooled and need airflow to prevent overheating. Given this, they are vulnerable to external elements:

Wind and Rain: These natural occurrences can cause debris like leaves and branches to fall into the pump, leading to potential damage and dysfunction. Enclose's pool pump covers efficiently protect against wind-driven debris and rainwater, preventing possible corrosion.

Snow and Ice: Cold temperatures can be detrimental to pool pumps, causing water inside to freeze and expand, leading to irreversible damage. Enclose's aluminium pool pump covers create an insulating air pocket around the equipment, significantly reducing the risk of freezing.

Sun: In sunnier climates, direct sunlight can cause wear and tear on pool pumps, damaging rubber seals, and other components. Constant exposure can also lead to warping of plastic parts. Enclose's covers shield pumps from harmful UV rays, extending the life expectancy of your pump.

2. Reduction of Noise around the Pool

A serene poolside is the dream of every homeowner. However, pool pumps can often disrupt this peace. Enclose pool pump covers will assist in reducing the noise of your pool pump motor, meaning a more relaxed poolside environment.

3. Creating A More Beautiful Poolside Area

Beyond the functional aspects, aesthetics play a significant role in enhancing the overall pool experience. Pool equipment, if left exposed, can be an eyesore. Enclose's proudly NZ-made pool pump covers, crafted from top-grade NZ extruded aluminium, provide a stylish solution. Available in any standard Dulux colour, they seamlessly blend with outdoor settings, complementing existing features. Whether you wish to match your home's exterior or integrate with other structures like pergolas, Enclose provides the perfect finish.

4. Durability and Quality Assured

Investing in a premium pool pump cover is not just about functionality and looks; it's also about durability. Enclose guarantees quality and performance with its New Zealand made covers. Constructed with welded louvre panels, pre-treated in chromate, and powder-coated in your chosen colour, these covers promise longevity. The inclusion of stainless steel and nylon hardware ensures resilience against the elements.

A pool pump cover is not just an accessory but a necessity. Enclose's premium range not only ensures the longevity of your pool pump but also elevates the overall aesthetic and experience of your poolside. With a team of experienced fabricators, top-notch materials, and a dedication to excellence, choosing Enclose ensures both aesthetics and functionality for your pool oasis.